Super Team is made up of a stacked squad. Aka: a Super Team. We are podcasters, musicians, producers, designers and content creators. We love to create. We love to make things we love, and hopefully things you love too!

We are readers and listeners and watchers. We watch movies, sports, and TV. We go to churches, golf courses, and sometimes an office job.

Each person on our team is incredibly talented and fun to work with. We love each other... even when we end sentences with prepositions. That's what makes us family. That's what makes us Super.

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Mark Casper

Podcast Credits: Humdinger, SuperMeta 

Mark is a copy writer, blogger, avid reader and listener of podcasts. He is co-host on Super Meta & Humdinger, and authors the "Sons & Orphans" Blog. He helps on everything from design, hosting, and producing! 

Blog: Sons and Orphans


Taylor Hendrick

Podcast Credits: Church Over Coffee

Taylor coaches soccer, rides his bike to Atlanta United games, and knows a thing or two about Airbnb. 

He also has a passion to see the church be a more authentic and vulnerable place for people. Taylor is co-host of Church Over Coffee. He is always cool and calm, and he makes sure Chris does ruin any of the interviews by being to nervous or awkward.

He's also really good at soccer. See image to the left! : ) 

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Chris Randazzo

Podcast Credits: Church Over Coffee, SuperMeta, The NBA Fan Podcast, West Friends

Chris is founder of Super Team Media. He co-hosts a few different podcasts. He helps the team mostly on hosting and producing, but he likes to think he has an opinion on design and just about everything else. Classic founder-syndrome. He loves podcasts, and wants to be a full-time podcaster / producer when he grows up. He also loves the church, but is very conflicted about it too. He's trying to figure it out... his relationship with the church.

That's his big head right there.


Drew West

Podcast Credits: West Friends

Drew is a construction project manager by day, super cool dude by night. He reads sci-fi, listens to indi music, and is best friends (or "west" friends) with Marco Randazzo & Chris Randazzo. Of he 3, he is the only one who still lives in Orlando. 


Marco Randazzo

Podcast Credits: Church Over Coffee, The NBA Fan Podcast, West Friends

In development: It's All About the Music

Marco is a musician in every way and a wedding photographer with his wife Lizzie. They live in Denver, CO and have some really great pictures to prove it. Marco can shred on the electric guitar, write musicals (he's written at least 3 by now) and is always down for a good poker game!

He co-hosts West Friends, he is developing an awesome podcast where he breaks down his favorite bands and what makes them incredible, and he writes the music for most of (and soon to be) all Super Team Media Podcasts.

Lizzie randazzo

Graphic Designer, Branding

Lizzie is a photographer, entrepreneur, and great dancer! She designed the logo and is helping Chris think through branding and design. Anything positive on this site is either to the credit of Squarespace templates or Lizzie's Design. Anything unprofessional is probably Chris taking a stab at being artistic. 


Trent Kinsey

Podcast Credits: Humdinger, The NBA Fan Podcast

In development: Nerd Evangelist

Trent most notably had his first son, Rory! He is a spreadsheet ninja, watches films (not movies) and is the perfect balance between extrovert and introvert. He is somehow an expert on so so many topics. How?


Matthew beckett

In development: Nerd Evangelist



Tatum Temple & Drew Gregory

In development: Critically Acclaimed

Tatum teaches High School English, likes Netflix documentaries on healthy eating, and is training to hike the Appalachian Trail next year. For real. She's got a insta about it and everything. Drew like metal-core, cars, and long walks on the beach! They both have some opinions about movies... or films.